Bahia Turquesa Residences Shares Ideas On How To Make Your Beach Experience More Special

Bahia Turquesa Residences, a standout in the industry of luxury vacation accommodations, knows when it comes to spending your vacation outdoors, often the beach is the most popular idea. There aren’t any opportunities that offer enjoyment for both the sun and the surf. Vacationers could lounge at the pool, but then things like building sand castles or playing volleyball on the sand just aren’t the same.

But sometimes a  day at the beach also involves situations that can cause quite a mess. And so Bahia Turquesa Residencies share a few ideas to help make your beach experience even better this summer.

  1. No one wants a wet blanket: Even though this popular phrase often applies to someone who isn’t being much fun, anyone who has had to deal with an actual wet blanket at the beach knows it’s not very much fun either. Try investing in a waterproof blanket for lounging around, the perfect way to stay dry throughout the day.
  2. Sand stuck everywhere: Anyone who has to deal with the aftermath of a fun day in the sand knows how troubling it can. It seems like these tiny grains get stuck all over skin and even in hard to reach places. One quick fix is baby powder. This can help remove sand from the skin quickly since it removes moisture, and causes it to basically fall off hair, feet legs and more.
  3. For pesky water logged ears, try this simple trick: Blowing into a deflated balloon can help clear it out.

These tips can help save any day at the beach. For more travel tips and other information, please visit

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Bahia Turquesa Residences Shares Ideas on How to Stay Healthy During Vacation

 To remain healthy during a vacation is important in order to enjoy everything a trip has to offer, as Bahia Turquesa Residences is well aware. Taking necessary preparations before traveling is the first step to remaining healthy. If a traveler requires any medications, packing a sufficient amount for the trip is a good idea unless the destination has pharmacies that can refill prescriptions. Regardless, it is advisable to have at least some medications in the event a flight is delayed or a traveler is keeping very busy on vacation.

Bahia Turquesa Residences knows that enjoying cuisine is given when on vacation. Many places offer unique and exotic foods that can be found nowhere else. However, being aware of the risk of eating certain foods will help a traveler remain healthier. For those who have any food allergies, asking questions at restaurants regarding ingredients is important to avoid any problems. Menus should have warnings regarding the possible dangers of consuming undercooked foods. Also, any place that serves food should be avoided if conditions appear to be unsanitary. The rule of thumb is that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Ensuring health and well-being on vacation is important whenever on the move, Bahia Turquesa Residences believes. It is imperative to always stay hydrated, especially in warmer climates where it is easy to get dehydrated. Taking any chance to drink water is a great practice. The elements can have a significant impact of human health. Wearing sunscreen and protective clothing such as hats prevent sunburn. These practical steps will help a vacationer stay healthy and capable of enjoying a trip.

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